From Hurt to Healed Available in PRINT!

Dear Readers,
Thank you so much for supporting the DBMH Project by subscribing. I am very excited to announce that the book From Hurt to Healed is now available in print under my alias Harmony Constance and YOU can have your very own paperback or hardback copy by clicking on the following link:
If you would like a personalized, signed copy – simply send a paypal payment of $15 (paperback) to keila @ and I will mail you a signed book with a personal note inside. 🙂
If you are however, unable to afford buying the book right now, PLEASE “Like” the Facebook page and let me know… we’ll try to work something out. I will not take a single iota of your effort for granted!
Thanks again,
Keila Harris
Author of From Hurt to Healed
Now Available and can be ordered in any bookstore anywhere. (Use ISBN)

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About Keila Harris

An MBA graduate with an unparalleled ability to keep a team focused on the goal with clear deliverables to produce for specific results. I am a self-starter. I began a nonprofit organization in 2012 called the DBMH Project, Inc. and then authored a book as well. I love the intersection of business and technology and solving problems alongside colleagues dedicated to their work. I like to focus on growth strategies through SMART goals and accountability. I believe power is in the execution of constant learning and open, humble self-improvement. Therefore I read incessantly and expand my network at every opportunity. #PayItForward #SuccessIsTheJourney

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