Unconditional, The Movie

I’ve been wanting to watch the movie Unconditional for a while now and I’m really glad I took time to watch it. I HIGHLY recommend it. (Available on Netflix and at Christian bookstores on DVD) This story of Joe Bradford’s life is a call to action to all of us to reach out and touch the life of an at risk child who has never experienced unconditional love.

I cried as I watched the story play before me. We can get so caught up in our hurt, our pain, and our experience that we forget about those who are suffering without any hope. I am trying to do my part by spreading the word about healing and forgiveness when faced with abandonment and neglect… even still I know there is so much more hands on work to do. Truth is, my message now is reaching those who have grown up and might be looking for hope of a change in the way they feel or haven’t felt for a long time. However, I hope to one day meet the kids in the moment, in the middle of the hurt…and offer them the solution: faith in God, the eternal Father of us all.

I’m a believer because I have felt the power of love like a relentless force of magnetism to all things good, hopeful, and fulfilling in God. I’m not pushing an ideal…I’m testifying about a real, personal experience!

The blog is evidence of that.

Anyway, enjoy this teaser clip from the movie that displays some of the absent father dynamics:

Clip: Never Alone


I will keep you all up to date in how I’m reaching out to at-risk kids in North San Diego County so that you can join in the fight to make unconditional love a rule in our communities.

The book is still in revision but on track to be published this year! Stay tuned!


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