Perspective Vs. Result

At some point, I heard the statement, “sometimes perspective is more important than results.” I thought about this for a while and it brought me to a couple conclusions.

Lets start with this; have you met one of those people that are happy all the time? They irk you because no matter what happens to them they remain full of joy. I think it bothers the rest of us because we envy that perspective; we envy the ability to remain joyful in the midst of the worst scenarios.

I am not saying that we have to always be happy but what I am saying is that the perspective changes everything. I have recently started to accepting life’s situations as an opportunity rather than an obligation. This alteration of my worldview has resulted in a better lifestyle; a much more joyous one. At any point, I am able to look at any situation and see the good in it, even if it is a miserable one.

A law of physics tells us everything goes from order to disorder… I disagree when it comes to me and you. Maturation of a soul has no end and every situation along the way is an opportunity to develop into something greater.

Start looking at life’s situations as an opportunity and see what changes.


Check out the website: for more information about the DBMH Project and Keila Harris’ upcoming book testifying to the healing power of forgiveness.


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