Music Monday – Rolling Stone by Out of Eden

Was your papa a rolling stone?
This song is appropriately made the first to be featured on the blog because it encapsulates what the DBMH project is all about. Daddy broke my heart but my Heavenly Father heals the wounds he left behind and gives us grace to carry on.

Daddy Broke My Heart

October introduces the DBMH first theme: Music Mondays!

Feel free to send your favorite songs that have dad themes and we will feature the music on Music Mondays. Add your thoughts and get those featured along with the video.

Email to submit the song.

This week’s song is a throwback. I used to listen to this and find hope in that my Father in heaven trumps my dad on all levels. He cares for me and that’s all that matters.

Sitting on the front porch,
Waiting for you to come home.
Visions of reuniting in my head.
Only bitter-sweet memories, no holidays, no Christmas trees.
Broken promises I’ve got instead.

How I used to wonder, “Where did I go wrong?
How you could have stayed away so long?”
Thank God for my mother,
Her’s was no easy song.
Thank God that He showed me how to get along.


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About Keila Harris

An MBA graduate with an unparalleled ability to keep a team focused on the goal with clear deliverables to produce for specific results. I am a self-starter. I began a nonprofit organization in 2012 called the DBMH Project, Inc. and then authored a book as well. I love the intersection of business and technology and solving problems alongside colleagues dedicated to their work. I like to focus on growth strategies through SMART goals and accountability. I believe power is in the execution of constant learning and open, humble self-improvement. Therefore I read incessantly and expand my network at every opportunity. #PayItForward #SuccessIsTheJourney

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