Love’s Biggest Frustration

Unrequited love is the biggest frustration anyone can face. When you care deeply for someone, you want them not to simply care a little, but care just as much as you do… or more! As sons and daughters, we are frustrated when our dads fail to show that they care. The mixture of anger and sadness causes a deep resentment that makes us want to build walls and close ourselves off.

What we do not often consider is the reactive effect of our decisions.

When a father neglects or disappoints his child, the negative feelings affect the son or daughter.

When the son or daughter closes up and retreats, this hurts them and whoever their life partner is/will be because instead of choosing to address the problem, frustration causes them to hide from the issue. Conflict avoidance… 

The ultimate breech is in the relationship you have with God the Father, who gave His only son as a sacrifice so you could live loving those who reject you, ignore you, and spitefully use you. Refusing his grace and shoving away His will for you to forgive will plunge you into deeper anguish and misery.

Have you considered the frustration God suffers when you push Him away? You feel betrayed because your dad shares your blood, your genes, and should care about you as a human being… right? Well God formed you while you were in your mom’s belly. He knows every detail about your likes, dislikes, and way of thinking. He obsesses over your every move. When you fail to communicate with Him, acknowledge Him in your life, and return His love through your obedience, He is crushed by the rejection.

Now that’s Love’s BiGGEST frustration.

God is Love. He gets frustrated with you when you choose not to trust Him.

God is Love, Love is Real


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About Keila Harris

An MBA graduate with an unparalleled ability to keep a team focused on the goal with clear deliverables to produce for specific results. I am a self-starter. I began a nonprofit organization in 2012 called the DBMH Project, Inc. and then authored a book as well. I love the intersection of business and technology and solving problems alongside colleagues dedicated to their work. I like to focus on growth strategies through SMART goals and accountability. I believe power is in the execution of constant learning and open, humble self-improvement. Therefore I read incessantly and expand my network at every opportunity. #PayItForward #SuccessIsTheJourney

4 responses to “Love’s Biggest Frustration”

  1. Keila Harris says :

    Reblogged this on Daddy Broke My Heart and commented:

    We often think of ourselves when we hear the word “frustration” … “Oh, I know what that’s like…”; “People are frustrating…”;”I try not to be frustrated, etc.” However, how often do we consider the people we frustrate? How do we adapt our behavior to alleviate this feeling we know so well? Did you know love is at the root of frustration? Evil surmisers don’t have the compassionate energy to be frustrated with someone they do not care about.

    Think about it.

  2. beautifulconclusion says :

    I love this what a great ministry Keila! I also have a father who was never there and have come to find the Lord. Although i do struggle with the absence of my earthly father, I know that I can find rest in my heavenly father. Its actually something more that I’m working through this year more than ever. Fathers days was super hard for me this year and I just realized I had not completely dealt with the issue.Your ministry truly blesses my heart! Thanks so much!

    • Keila Harris says :

      Kayla, I am SO glad that you happened upon the blog! There are many residual effects of not having a dad around even after you have forgiven and reconciled with them (whether face to face or in your heart;) but even still, there is a place of peace, rest, and solace that replaces the ache, hurt, and grief of not having a good dad. I hope the posts to come inspire you and please share where you are/the process of healing to encourage others if you feel so inspired/led. ❤ from my heart to yours, with blessings,


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