Do You Look Forward to Christmas?

I like starting my posts with a title that will catch your eye; something that will make you want to see what I have to say and if can hold any weight.

Many of you may read the title and think to yourself: NOPE. Others might read it and think: “Of courseI Christmas is a good thing.” Either way I want you to read this post and start to think. What is Christmas to me? What kind of feelings does it elicit?

Many of our instinctual or habitual reactions are caused by prior experiences thus if you had many good Christmas seasons growing up  you will probably look forward to the season… it only makes sense. On the other hand, if you were alone during Christmas, your father came home drunk, wasn’t there, cursed you out, made demeaning comments or was just the sore thumb, your feelings on Christmas may be negative.

Many people including society have this conception that the season is happy for everyone; that commercials, trees, Santa and Christmas presents are all a result of a magical feeling you get when you are joined with your family during the holiday season. Let’s be real, other people want to throw up when they see Santa or cheesy smiles on a post card.

Whether your past is overflowing with experiences that cause a rush of bad memories or a warm fuzzy feelings, I want you to realize what you DO have this holiday season.

An easy way to become pessimistic and angry is to never count your blessings. I work with many neurologically impaired patients. I have one who can’t move his legs; one who can’t move part of her arms, and one who can’t even hold up his own head. The truth is that none of these people see the world as a vacuum of hopelessness or despair; in the midst of their disabilities, they see a life filled to the brim with opportunity and challenges.

My encouragement to you is to stop waking up to the dim reality of what you do not have but instead, take to the opportunity that encapsulates everyday even in the midst of a season where everyone around you appears happy.

Christmas is a season made of days and days are formed by perspective.

You may not have the ability to alter the stories of yesterday but you do have power to create a perspective that forms today.


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One response to “Do You Look Forward to Christmas?”

  1. Keila Harris says :

    So true! I know so many young people who are bitter during this season for one reason or another… letting go releases you to smile and mean it. Letting go makes what was once frustrating, amusing. Choose to perceive things differently!

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