Cheap and Easy

What is value and what gives value? Typically when you look at the pricing of a vehicle or diamond it’s what an expert or outside source thinks of it. Ironically, that person only makes that decision based on what the world thinks of its value.

Have you thought of your value? Here’s the thing about human value: it doesn’t have to be determined by me, your friends, the media, or even your father. Your value as a person is both determined and appraised by one person… you.

Appraising yourself as cheap or worthless leads to giving up of yourself in such a way. When people say a woman is easy they are generally referring to how easy it is to get into her pants/bed. When I hear it, I think that she is cheap. She values herself so little that there is no cost to the benefit of sex. I use this example because it’s frequent and easy to understand but the same thing happens with a thousand different aspects of life.

Women often accept the value their father imposed on them instead of appraising themselves at a worthy cost.

Ask yourself if you are worth being treated well, served, or loved.

Even if you have accepted that you are worthless and reading this post just reaffirms that’s how you feel, let me challenge you to reassess and reappraise.

No matter your background or your experiences, don’t sell yourself cheap. Being a human means you are worthy of love. Being a woman means you are worthy of being cherished. Your value is not tied up in your history or scars but the worth only you can deem. Don’t be cheap, don’t be easy; you are worth respect, honor, gratitude, and attention.

Let me make this clear.

You are valuable.


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About Caleb Fairey

A man who desires the joys of freedom for everyone.

One response to “Cheap and Easy”

  1. milbwords says :

    Well said! i couldn’t agree more.

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