Developing An Atmosphere

There are two things that are extremely important: identity and atmosphere. Out of your identity you develop and create an atmosphere. In addition to this concept, a pastor once said, “a culture has to be made true inside of you before you can make it true outside of you.”

Although you might not believe it; you create an atmosphere. If you are a joyful person, you generally create a joyful atmosphere and if you think the world is crashing down around you… well people will not tend to enjoy being around you.

This important concept is monumental and applies to all aspects of life. Because this website faces the pain we face concerning our dads, we will apply it here. In prior blogs, I wrote about how your identity is partly contributed to you by your father; now if we tie the knots we can also say that the atmosphere you create is also partly due to your father.

Challenge: start to think about this. What type of atmosphere do you create?

What type of atmosphere are you attracted to?

Chaos, havoc, peace, structure, cooperation… the list goes on and on but take the characteristics of your atmosphere and the atmosphere you are attracted to and tie it to your identity.

Is there a connection?

Typically you will find a connection between these three aspects of your life. Once you do, take a few steps in the right direction; find the root of each and begin to distinguish what is healthy and what is not. Is your atmosphere productive, enjoyable, helpful? Every once in a while, we don’t realize the association of various aspects in our lives because we refuse to see our own circumstances… but it is time to open our eyes.



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