Procrastination is Expensive

After years of therapy, I finally arrived at what proved to be an expensive place of peace about my dad-situation. -Anonymous

Therapy is necessary for more people than those who utilize the services. Yet, time drags on and on before any real progress can be made with many people. Why?

In my experience, talking about what you have suffered and what’s been done to you leaves you feeling freshly wounded. We open up, involuntarily a lot of times, to release the overwhelming pressure that will drive you insane if you hold it in any longer.

But remember, those who do talk about the past will only get help if God reaches to heal. Apart from that, these three points demonstrate the attitude we need to have going into a serious talk.

1. You accept that what has been done will not change

2. You accept that your dad will probably always be the same

3. You decide that you won’t be mad about the past anymore

Each part is essential to healing. The 3rd point is what takes up to several years for people to do. Mostly because the person doubts the validity of #2.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for a miracle completely dependent on someone else’s free will to contradict their patterned behavior. People do not change. The sooner you accept that fact, the closer you will be to simply forgiving your dad for wronging you in the first place.

If you are going to invest in therapy, make it count. Go in knowing what you have to do and just do it. Putting off the inevitable will eat right through your pockets.

You will never feel completely ready. You simply have to take a leap of faith and trust that believing things will get better. Let go of your dad. He is who he is.

Be who you are made to be. FYI: You are not made to live in a constant state of brokenness and defeat. Accept, forgive, and move on.

Even if you aren’t paying money for therapy, you’re paying emotionally for avoiding the whole thing.


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