Flourishing not just Existing

This morning I woke up stumbled out of bed tripped on a few loose clothes and finally got to the light. What next? I head into work do the same job I do everyday and then see what happens. This is what many of our lives look like; we have a cyclic motion we do daily but I will tell you now that it’s not meaningless.

Ironically this cyclic avalanche of emotions, dreams, friendships, or work can end up feeling more like a chore than an opportunity. At some point in our lives, We wonder what is the point? and is there something better than this? I believe so. Let’s say you get into a rut where you and your father have the same relationship you always had; does that mean that it has to stay that way? Stagnation is only a manifestation of the lack of motivation or effort towards change. If you don’t take the first step, walking/ running will never occur.

Here is my challenge: if you find yourself in a cyclic rampage of nothingness start becoming active (not just physically even though that is good too) but in every aspect of your life. If you continually rush to food or the next relationship, break the cycle; start a revolutionary manner in which you live. Healthy habits are easy to break and are so hard to regain. But work at it.

I know most of you reading this have father issues; most of you desire some key not only to breaking the cycle you grew up with but reversing the one you allowed to ferment. At some point, each one of us has to face the issue and change it; we have to take action against the thing that has for so long encapsulated us in an invisible jail cell. Change has to start somewhere and with someone; I don’t see why that can’t be with you and now.


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About Caleb Fairey

A man who desires the joys of freedom for everyone.

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