Music Monday – A Whole Nation by Kirk Franklin

This week, we hear from Kirk Franklin.

Dads, you are needed by your kids. Do not doubt the influence you have on your children. If you are there in body, engage emotionally. If you are not there in body, make it clear to your kids that you care. We don’t like guessing games. – On a note to the rest of us, it takes the collaborative help of everyone… the entire village to raise the child. Let’s do what we can and keep the dads accountable to their responsibility!

Ladies and Gentlemen
I wanna introduce to you right now
Young Donovan… He’s eleven (mmmmm)
The problem we’re facing right now
Is we’re losing our children (ooooooo)
Father’s we need you (mmmmmm)
Can you feel me?[Chorus:]
It takes a whole nation
To help me raise this generation
When you look out of your window
Tell me what do you see
If it’s a world without a father
Then you’re looking at me
It takes a whole nation
To help me raise this generation
My respect to the mother’s that be holdin it down
But it sure would be nice to have my daddy around.

[Verse 1:]
All I need is one mic (one mic)
I know you can see
I’m not a rapper
But there’s some dudes that are just like me
Everytime you took a picture with you and your family
It was only two people and it’s supposed to be 3
It’s supposed to be me asking
(Why’s the sky blue when I grow up I wanna be like you)
Yo daddy can you teach me how to
(Tie my shoes can I go with you to work so I can see what you do?)
Lemme see what you do
So I can love my kids too
But you didn’t stick around was that too much to ask of you?
Too much to get a blueprint(No)
Too much to show your way (No)
That’s the reason why this building is not finished still today (We’re lost boys)
So you wanna believe that (My daddy’s coming back he didn’t forget about me)
Only child after school
We just sit there and wait (I know he’s gonna come)
Your dad is 78

[Verse 2:]
Check this out
They say raising kids is the parents responsibility (mmmmm)
But there’s a million of Y’all and only one of me (hey)
What happened to the village as far as I can see
It’s been burned down by this modern day slavery

For 11 years I’ve been living here
I’ve seen mamma cry more than 11 tears
Watchin mamma see daddy while he slips away
Does Jesus really hear kids when they pray?

She’s working to jobs
She can’t do it alone
She shouldn’t have to she didn’t get knocked up on her own
[Both:] And I know that baby’s mamma drama
Brothas it’s real
But before you close the door
Don’t forget how it feels

Daddy missed my game and I made a touchdown
I won the talent show but you weren’t around
If a girl breaks my heart what do I do with this pain (and one more thing daddy)
Can you tell me my name?


Tell em!

Ain’t nothing gonna break me down (Yes sir)
Can’t let nobody take me down
Can’t let nobody break me down
Me down (Sing it)
Say it with me now

Ain’t nothing gonna break me down
Can’t let nobody take me down
Can’t let nobody break me down… Me down (Take me down no)
(Sing it!)


Ain’t nothing gonna break me down (Hey)
Can’t let nobody take me down (Nobody taught me)
Can’t let nobody break me down… Me down (Break me down)
(I had to figure this thing out by myself)

(Heaven can you hear me?)

Ain’t nothing gonna break me down
Can’t let nobody take me down (can’t you here we’re lonely?) (Come on)
Can’t let nobody break me down… Me down (I’ll be their father… I’ll be their man! Come on)


Fathers, don’t aggravate your children. If you do, they will become discouraged and quit trying.

– Colossians 3:21


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