I have mentioned this before but there is a hole in each one of our lives. (Disclaimer: I stole this from a book… and I will reference it at the end.) The hole in our lives that we want to fill to have a sense of purpose. The hole may include the desire to be heard, to be loved, to receive attention, to be needed, honored, and/or respected. The list goes on and on and even as I write this I am conscious of a similar desires in my life.

Now, I want to combine this concept with another: managing your inner world. Management of your inner world means dealing with this  “hole” appropriately. Many times we look to sex, alcohol, or cheap thrills in order to fill this hole in an attempt to be balanced. The problem with these attempts is simply the fact that cheap thrills are only temporary.

Track with me here…

How do we do manage the hole and our inner world? The challenge of the human heart is a healthy balance of every aspect of our lifestyle. It may be difficult but I want you to start thinking about the things that make you feel whole and if they were not there what would your life look like. Do you lean on friendships, lovers, sports, or your job to fill the hole in your life? Or is it a matter of sleeping with someone to feel loved? If you have something pinned or you realize there is a hole, analyze what you fill it with and how you do so… is it healthy?

Humans commonly rush out of pain/solitude/emptiness into a make-shift place of perceived wholeness. However, if we rush into a fabricated, temporary wholeness, the hole will remain.

Ideas inspired by the writing of  The Well by Mark Hall of Casting Crowns

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