Back when I was in undergraduate school, I had a few buddies who would always joke about things being a crutch. For example, if you have a slow person on a track team and everyone else was fast, they are considered him a crutch. The joke did not really make much sense considering a crutch usually helps a person, but they always made it sound like a hinderence. So here is the thing, every one of us can be a perverbial crutch (in the way my friends used it) at work, in a relationship, social system or anything else. None of us should be a crutch.

Earlier in the blog we talked about how women often become super independent because they don’t want to put themselves in a place of vulnerability. The truth is its a balancing act. At no point will I say independence is a bad thing, but I will say complete independence is unhealthy. The truth is that this applies to being dependent as well. Many times the fathers in our lives can leave a gaping hole the size of Texas in our hearts and in an unhealthy response we fill it will something. After filling that hole with work, mom, brother, food, grades, ect., we tend to be reliant on it. We begin to fall into a sense of dependence, which eventually becomes our weakness. I know you might think I am bringing you down a winding rabbit hole but my point is that its easy to become reliant on unhealthy aspects of the human life.

I want you to think about the things you need in life; the things that you can never live without. Are they healthy? It might even a healthy thing but even healthy things can lead to toxicity if not managed. If we allow ourselves to drop into a pit of unhealthy dependence, we often become a crutch. Perhaps only in certain social networks or small circles of our lives but it is never healthy for any part of your life to become a hinderence.

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