Burn the Bras! Is this Independence?

Burn the bras! really? Do you wonder if there is more to your independence than just a feministic (I made that word up) craving to be a strong, self-reliant woman?

Let’s be honest, most women take pride in being independent; being able to take care of oneself is a great accomplishment. Although this is true, I would argue that so-called independence is actually a cry of insecurity. Most of you are probably reading this and thinking; “Whoa, pump the brakes.” Let me explain before you slam your computer shut and never read this blog again. Being independent and strong are beautiful things but it is unnatural not to desire someone or something to rely on.

Women throughout history have dominated success; we read about Emilia Earnhart, Rosa Parks, Jesus’ mother Mary, Harriet Tubman, and many others who had the courage to stand up for something they believed in. Here is some cold hard truth though, the average human being still desires to be able to “pull” from an outside source.

Women’s dependence or independence of others is often manifested out of dynamics they share with a father. This relationship either instills confidence in collaboration or a need to prove complete confidence in one’s own independence.

My challenge to you is to question whether your independence is healthy? Do you desire to be self-reliant or is it even a choice? I think many times we fear to be dependent on others because we want to avoid any possibility of being hurt. We desperately want some insurance. Why should we invest in someone/something that will backfire or cause us more harm then good? Although, it is appropriate to protect yourself; it is also necessary to make yourself vulnerable in order to grow.

Go be you but understand that everyone has a weak spot and it’s okay to depend on someone else.

There’s a movie with some guy and a girl that are in the process of adopting a baby. Consider what
he says,

“Accepting help doesn’t mean you are weak, it means someone is working along side you.”

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