Are you worth loving?

Today I spoke with a friend about worth. The conversation popped up because I posted a comment about being worthy of love and he said a few things that made me think. Here are the conclusions of that thought process; most people realize they are worth something because somebody loved them. You know you are worth loving just because you are loved. It made me think of the people who grew up without that love or who didn’t get it from their fathers… who taught them they were worth loving?

Many times women who have not been loved by by their father lack a self-worth especially when it comes to men. This insufficiency can manifest itself in some unhealthy ways; we see it all the time. Women, pay attention, feeling worth something via men’s attention, sex, approval, or anything else can lead to an unhealthy lifestyle. I know many women who crave attention from men; its the fuel to feeling needed, wanted, desired, and ultimately WORTH something. Ironically this is coming from me, a guy, who probably has too much experience knowing the right thing to say to get a girl to fall… most of the time its pretty easy (especially with girls who have daddy issues), just give them a compliment, act like you care, and make them feel special.

I know that ninety nine percent of the women who read this will fall into the above category to differing degrees but that is because its natural. Human beings have an innate desire to be needed and wanted; why do you think we pack ourselves down with a thousand unnecessary chores, groups, or responsibilities. Now if it is natural to desire what is the big deal with the above situation with men?

I am guessing you didn’t notice that all of the things that women delight about men are the same characteristics that their dad was supposed to give them. Think about it; approval, attention, time, and even physical touch (not in a dirty way of course). Here is my challenge to every daughter out there: stop finding your self-worth in men. This constant pursuit of worth leads down a never ending spiral of negative interactions that leave you empty handed.

You are worth something; you are worth everything this world has to offer even if your dad never showed you that. A man’s attention is short lived but your worth is not. I know its an inner battle to believe something your dad was suppose to instill but I will say it now: you are worthy to be adored, given attention, spent time with, or blessed with approval. Daughters, you are worthy to be loved.


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