Rags to Riches or The Other Way Around

Most women don’t realize they already have everything they will ever need. At this very instant, every single daughter out there is rich even if she owns absolutely nothing. The only reason we, humans, don’t realize we are rich is because we are blind to who we actually are. When I say “rich” I don’t mean fancy watches, cars, houses, or even the Benjamin’s; what I really mean is YOU. This may sound cliche or even corny but stick with me for a bit longer.

Think about this, even with all your issues, problems, history, or misbehavior, you get to chose how you spend your next heartbeat or breath of air. You have the free will to step into the next moment of your life with the expectation of greatness, respect, honor, and success… but it is up to you.

With that said, it’s also your option to give up your riches for rags or give up your rags for riches. Simply put, you are rich because you have the will power to be the at your best even in the midst of anger, pain, or never-ending family issues. So how can you give up these riches? Everyday when we allow the nasty aspects of our history or identity to get in the way living whole. To start living in the richness we are already blessed with means we must become more than the side effects of rotten dads. We must grow in spite of our dads. Don’t give up what you are naturally blessed with because you believe that the rags of your life overpower who you should actually be. Don’t let the chains of anger tether you to the pain that seems to only ferment over time. Don’t allow yourself to become embittered because the man you loved never loved you back.

Nobody deserves to live a life bound to the rags their dad’s bestowed; rather, lets hold to the richness of  who we are and will be become through our Father.

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About Caleb Fairey

A man who desires the joys of freedom for everyone.

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