Pink Elephants

The phrase “a pink elephant in the room” was coined in reference to something very noticeable that people usually don’t want to acknowledge. Many times in each of our lives there is a proverbial “pink elephant” that we refuse to acknowledge no matter how obvious or subtle it might be. Everyone’s is different but guaranteed you have one.

Why don’t we say “hello” to our pink elephant? Like a real elephant, ours might be a little stinky. We fail to acknowledge these factors in our life because they are ugly, smelly, unattractive, painful, or sour; we wish they weren’t there, but they are. Next we have to understand what our elephant is and how it ended up in our room.

For all of us, our father’s played a huge role in how we were raised, our beliefs, culture, desires, and passions. In addition and within these aspects that compose our identity, we also develop baby elephants. Baby elephants are the beginnings of the big ones, as you might have assumed. As we, daughters and sons, mature these factors in our lives can either be crushed or grow, but the longer they live the harder they are to get rid of.

We tracking? Yes? Good.

Okay, so here is my challenge to you. Recognize the pink elephant(s) in your life that you haven’t acknowledged, don’t want to deal with, or simply ignore. Figure out what this thing is that is in your life and say “hello”. Sometimes the hardest step in healing is acknowledging that there is something that needs to be healed. After you say “hello”, get to know where it came from, why its there, and what part(s) of your life its impacting.

If we desire healing, we need to start dealing with the pink elephants no matter how ugly they are. Even if the pink elephant has been sitting on the sofa of your living room your entire life, it doesn’t mean it belongs there.

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